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Olga Nesterova

Onest Conversations is a podcast where we talk about growth mindset and entrepreneurship. Listen to inspiring startup stories, get motivated to work smart and learn the essential tools to succeed in your life as an entrepreneur and inspiring business leader. Meet your host: Olga Nesterova is former pro world champion athlete, UN diplomat, NBA/NHL/WNBA halftime entertainment turned entrepreneur, tv network executive, producer and tv show host. Olga is president of Onest TV Network, CEO of Onest Media Productions and head of Artists 4 Justice nonprofit initiative. Having lived in 4 countries, Olga has graduated with 3 university degrees in 3 countries in Business Management, Entrepreneurship and Business Law with honors. Olga speaks 5 languages and is always eager to connect and provide the most value to her audience. Find more about Olga, subscribe to the business blog and learn more about marketing courses offered on

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