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Olga Nesterova

At Onest Conversations we talk about growth mindset and entrepreneurship. Listen to inspiring startup stories, get motivated to work smart and learn the essential tools to succeed in your life as an entrepreneur and inspiring business leader. PLUS get an exclusive insight into your host's story as she builds out a global television network aiming to disrupt the world of entertainment with kindness & quality content. If you are looking for a podcast that will help you discover the winner within you, darling, you found your home! Meet your host: Olga is the founder of the Onest Network - global television network premiering in 71 countries in July 2022 to an audience of 110 million. She is a former UN diplomat turned entrepreneur and has previously run a multi-state entertainment company producing NBA/NHL/WNBA halftime shows. Olga also has founded a reputable B2B marketing agency working with Fortune 500 companies in New York City and beyond. Olga hosts Onest Conversations podcast and has been featured on various shows on national television. She is witty, straight-forward, wise and easy to connect to. Olga has graduated with honors from 3 universities in USA and Europe in Entrepreneurship, Business Management, Political Science and Law. She speaks 6 languages and is eager to inspire others to utilize their potential to full extent and live a purpose-oriented life.
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